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A small rogue-like game centred around an enigmatic character blasting through enemies in an attempt to better themself, expanding their memory to gain addons and build strength until they fall.


You can navigate the game world with the WASD keys and aim with the mouse, shooting with the leftclick key.

Active Abilities can be found throughout the game and used with the 1 and 2 keys, respectively, based on their slot.


The main goal of each stage is to kill all the enemies in it, using your weapon. There are 4 weapons that can be found by killing enemies. When killed, enemies also drop Bytes, which are converted into MB when you get enough, and are used to download Skills at the end of each level. 

Each weapon functions different from the others, and can be upgraded by getting other weapons using an upgrade, and merging them at blue bordered stages.

They can receive modifiers to apply effects to enemies on hit, or to modify the weapon's mechanics.

Stage Rewards

Some stages can be cleared to get rewards, and will be indicated so by the coloured square that appears around its tile on the level select screen.

  • Green borders mean the stage will award 5MB on completion to be spent on skills
  • Yellow borders mean the stage will award a bonus to one of your stats on completion
  • Blue borders mean the stage will combine your weapons together on completion
  • Red borders mean the stage will contain a boss, which gives a specific Skill when killed, depending on which boss is chosen

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